50cc - ROTO, GAUI


GAUI F-50 50cc four stroke gas engine


GAUI F-50 with starter 50cc four stroke gas engine


GAUI F-50R Rear Intake 50cc four stroke gas engine


GAUI F-50R Rear Intake with starter 50cc gas engine


ROTO 50V2 50cc rc model gas engine (2000gr)


Drill Jig for GAUI F-50, F-50R


Stainless Steel Muffler, Length 106 mm, Inner diameter 14 mm


GAUI Electronic Switch for Engine Starter


IBEF Ignition Battery Eliminating Filter, WIKE R/C, Down and Locked


Propeller drill jig for ROTO 25,35,50,70


(ROTO, RCGF, DLE etc) ALU Air Intake Horn Tube or Velocity Stack Small


CM6 Irridium Spark Plug


Krumscheid Canister Muffler for Twins, upto 70 cc


Krumscheid Canister Muffler, tot 35 cc


Krumscheid Canister Muffler, up to 35 cc


Krumscheid Exhaust manifold with 2 bended sections 26 .. 35cc


Krumscheid Exhaust manifold with flexible tube 26 .. 32cc


Kijk naar o.a. Krumscheid geluidsdempers voor de vele mogelijkheden.


20x10 6Star Hobby 2 blade wooden propeller


Drill Jig for RCGF50 Twin


Starter for engines upto 80cc


iMAX B6AC+ Universele Batterij lader (220V / 12V). Nieuwste versie.


UBEC 3A, 2-6 cells LiPo, selectable output voltage 5/6V