Power Voltage Distribution

Heel belangrijk bij grote model vliegtuigen is de spanning of power distributie. De ontvanger en de servo's moeten genoeg spanning krijgen om goed te blijven werken.

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WIKE R/C Power Box 8-24 incl. fail safe switch (4.8 - 10V system)


Power distribution system including fail safe power switch. 

8 receiver channels in and 24 servo channels out.
Optimized for use with LiFe (A123) and LiPo batteries. Also suitable for LiPo in combination with HV servo's.

EMCOTEC DPSI RV (2010) Power Distribution

Power distributie systeem inclusief magnetische schakelaar. Regelbare uitgangsspanning en geschikt voor alle combinaties van batterijen en servo's van 5.4 tot 7.4V.

12 ontvanger kanalen in en 32 servo kanalen uit.

Geschikt voor zowel HV als 6V servo's met NiCd, NiMh, LiFe, LiIon of LiPo batterijen.

WIKE RC High Power UBEC: 15A, dual input and output with fail safe switch


The 15A voltage regulator is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator. This regulator is very suitable for big fixed-wing aircrafts because it can supply a huge current and it contains dual input and output terminals for improved reliability.

Input Voltage:    upto 16V 
Output Voltage:  4.7 - appr. batt. voltage (adjustable)
Output Current:  15A continuous
Input and output connectors are of type JR.

Power Box 8-16 incl. Kill Switch and Main Switch (5 - 8.4V systeem)


Power distribution system including power switch and engine kill switch. 

8 receiver channels in and 16 servo channels out.

Optimized for use with LiFe (A123) and LiPo batteries. See LiFe (A123) 2600mAh 6.6V battery.

Also suitable for LiPo with an additional BEC.

LiFe 2100mAh 2S 6.6V 25C Deans, JR and JST balance connectors. AGAPOWER


Power pack for receiver with deans and JR for the power and JST balance connector.

Excellent to supply the power for the receiver and the servos of a big plane.

Weight: 110g; Size: 95 x 29 x 20 mm

IBEF Ignition Battery Eliminating Filter, WIKE R/C, Down and Locked


This device from WIKE R/C Products will allow you to safe the weight of an extra ignition battery and provides an integrated engine kill switch.The IBEF is designed to be plugged into the receiver and run the ignition from the receiver batteries or power system. Ignition power can be turned on and off by assigning the channel the IBEF is plugged into to a 2 position switch. A spare receiver channel is needed to use this switch.  A remote mountable led is included to indicate ignition arming status.

Deans or T-Plus (3 pair)

High Power Connectors. Delivery consists of 3 pair.