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TOPRC Full Composite Super Galeb G-4

 TOPRC Model Super Galeb G-4
 Wing span    (spanwijdte)  1751 mm   93"
 Length  2372 mm  93"
 Flying weight   kg                               lbs                       
 Radio  6 channels, 9 - 11 servos  
 Turbine  10 - 12 kg


 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area   dm2   sq.ft
 Wing loading  gr/dm2                     oz/sq.ft              


 Options  Retract system with brake function
 Documentation  Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website  TOPRC-Website


Check the instruction Manual for a detailed instruction about the Turbine engine mounting etc.



  1. Full composite construction
  2. All surface prepainted,decals applied and clear coated
  3. Tail tube and fuel tank included
  4. Detachable main wing,fuselage, tailplane for easy transportation
  5. Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories;
  6. Functional flaps for smooth landing.
  7. High quality CNC Alu push rod included
  8. More than 95% assembled complete in factory.
  9. 12mm corrugated board boxes packing to protect the parts to avoid damaged.
  10. Scale cockpit included.


Retract system: including alloy wheels, oleo struts etc. Incorporate all of the latest design improvements.



The Super Galeb in a different color schema:






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