A new container from Seagull has arrived on 14-February.

Three new containers from TOPRC, CYMODEL and TWM have arrived 20th of December.

Many models are available again. 

Model Selection:









UMS radial gas engine

Now in stock all 5-cylinder engines from UMS.

New UMS 2-cyl 200cc boxer gas engine

Order now: UMS 200cc boxer engine

New: P-47 Thunderbolt from TOPRC.
New: P-47 Thunderbolt from TOPRC.

Introduction of the unique Bigplanes Starter Package and Maintenance Voucher for the 5-cylinder UMS engines: 

Starter Package
The starter package contains amongst others of a torque wrench for the spark plug. This to ease maintenance and prevent the overtightening of the spark plug. It also contains a spare woodruff key, spare spark plug, feeler gauge, and fuel line.
Maintenance Voucher
The maintenance voucher can be used as the first time maintenance is needed. This will decrease the overall maintenance fee drastically. The description of the voucher is given to the left.

Below the flow is given of how a model could be configured:

  1. Start with the selection of the model
  2. Select the required retract set
  3. look for a proper spinner
  4. Find the correct Pilot
  5. Select the related prop
  6. Select a gas engine or electric motor
  7. Select the servo's
Scale Retract systems
Scale Spinners
Scale Pilot Figures
Scale Propellors
Gas Engines

Below an overview is given of some new models and engines which are added. Go for a full overview to the planes sections: Cymodel, TWM and TOPRC.


Edge 540 Zivko V3 (231cm, 9kg, 70cc) SEAGULL


Edge 540 (170cm, 5kg, 26cc) SEAGULL


Savage Cruiser (203cm, 5kg, 30cc) SEAGULL


Cessna 208 Grand Caravan #133 (216cm, 8kg, 40cc) SEAGULL


Cessna 208 Grand Caravan Military (216cm, 8kg, 40cc) SEAGULL


T-27 Tucano Embraer incl Electric retract set (215cm, 8kg, 40cc) SEAGULL


T-27 Super Tucano incl Electric retract set (165cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


T-34 Mentor Blue Navy (190cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Yak-3U Yakovlev incl Electric retract set (160cm, 5.5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Space Walker II Black/Yellow (210cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Piper J-3 Cub 120 (224, 4.5, 20cc) SEAGULL


Decathlon Extreme 120 (200cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Decathlon 91 Yellow (180cm, 3.5kg, 15cc) SEAGULL


Nemesis NXT F1 Air race #66 (205cm, 8kg, 50cc) SEAGULL


Nemesis NXT Big Frog (205cm, 8kg, 50cc) SEAGULL


De Havilland DH-60M Moth (170cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Avian A-1C Christen Husky (203cm, 5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Ercoupe (250cm, 7kg, 35cc) SEAGULL


Supermarine Seafire (164cm, 5.5kg, 20cc) SEAGULL


Dewoitine D-520 Upgraded (180cm, 5kg, 30cc) SEAGULL


JU-87 Stuka Desert Snake New (229cm, 8kg, 50cc) SEAGULL


New: UMS 200cc Boxer 4-stroke Gas Engine (25kgf, 5800gr)


Extra 330L Blue (229cm, 8.5kg, 60cc) TWM


Extra 330L Purple (229cm, 8.5kg, 60cc) TWM


Extra 300S Silver (204cm, 6.5kg, 30cc) TWM