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TOPRC Full Composite Jet Aspire. Blue color.

 TOPRC Model Sport Jet Aspire
 Wing span    (spanwijdte)  2000 mm   78.7"
 Length  2360 mm  93"
 Flying weight  15.8 kg                        34.8 lbs                 
 Radio  6 channels, 9 - 11 servos  
 Turbine  12 - 16kg


 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area   dm2   sq.ft
 Wing loading  gr/dm2                     oz/sq.ft              


 Options  Retract system with brake function
 Documentation  Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website  TOPRC-Website


Check the instruction Manual for a detailed instruction about the Turbine engine mounting etc.


The delivery time of the Electron set is around 2 weeks.



  1. Full composite construction , sandwichrumpf by Airex, balsa & epoxy.
  2. All surface prepainted,decals applied and clear coated
  3. Tail tube and fuel tank included
  4. Detachable main wing,fuselage, tailplane & vertical fin for easy transportation
  5. Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories;
  6. Functional flaps for smooth landing.
  7. High quality CNC Alu push rod included
  8. More than 95% assembled complete in factory.
  9. 12mm corrugated board boxes packing to protect the parts to avoid damaged.


Retract system: including alloy wheels, oleo struts etc. Incorporate all of the latest design improvements.

Some pictures of the same model but in a different colour scheme:









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