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 TOPRC Zero Fighter A6M52, optional retract system  
 Wing span    (spanwijdte)  2362 mm   93"
 Length  1916 mm  75.4"
 Flying weight  11 - 13 kg          lbs              
 Radio  8+ channels, 11 servos
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  60cc - 80cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  93.7 dm2   sq.ft
 Wing loading  120 gr/dm2        oz/sq.ft      

 8+ channels, 11 servos (throttle, rudder,

 elevator, aileron, flaps, Choke)

 Options  Two wheel retract system
 Documentation  Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website  TOPRC-Website

Full Composite Zero A6 Model 52 with drop tank and detachable canopy.


Diameter of the cowl is between 25 (front) and  26cm (firewall).

A SAITO FG-90R3 or an UMS 90cc 7cylinder perfectly fits under this cowl.



  1. Full composite construction
  2. True scale outline with accurate details.
  3. All surface prepainted,decals applied and clear coated
  4. Scale cockpit, scale exhaust included.
  5. Scale drop tanks and canopy are included
  6. Detachable Scale antenna included;
  7. Detachable main wing and tailplane for easy transportation;
  8. Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories;
  9. Functional flaps for smooth landing.
  10. Complete high-quality hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns
  11. High scale painted spinners, scale main wheels & electric retracts are available
  12. More than 95% assembled complete in factory.
  13. Can be powered by engine or motor.
  14. 12mm corrugated board boxes packing to protect the parts to avoid damaged.


Retract system: including alloy wheels, oleo struts etc. Incorporate all of the latest design improvements.



Mitsubishi A6M Zero Specifications

Wingspan: 36 ft. 1-1/16 in.

Length: 29 ft. 11-3/32 in.

Height: 11 ft. 6-5/32 in.

Empty Weight: 4,136 lbs

Gross Weight: 6,025 lbs

Top Speed: 351 mph

Service Ceiling: 38,520 ft.

Range: 1,194 miles

Engine/Horsepower: One Nakajima Sakae/1130

Crew: 1

Armament: One 7.7-mm Type 97; one 13.2-mm Type 3 machine gun in cowling; one 20-mm Type 99 cannon in each wing; one 551-lb bomb (kamikaze mission)


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