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Zeer krachtige 12V starter met vertraging van 6:1 voor extra torque.

Bevat een extra groot start rubber en dus geschikt voor grote spinners. Start zeer eenvoudig b.v. 110cc motoren. Geschikt voor motoren tot 250cc.

  Feature list:

  1. learning from the 250CC twin cylinder four-stroke motorcycle engine start
    technology,optimized rotor coil technology, with super magnet and improved motor
    efficiency without increasing power consumption, great power!
  2. 5.6:1 planetary gear box
  3. The use of high current deans connectors, reliable, durable 
  4. Split power line design, convenient and flexible work.
  5. Stainless steel fasteners assembly
  6. CNC carved carbon fiber frame, high strength, light weight. 
  7. Length of Power cable is ~1.5 m, ease of use! 
  8. More powerful power Jig, small resistance!


 Technical parameters: 

  1. 12V, 9AH min. power supply 
  2. No-load speed 1000 rpm, with load more than 650rpm.
  3. Maximum torque 120kg/cm
  4. Can be used for 60cc - 250cc engines. 


Below pictures deviate slightly from actual start engine. The connector is e.g. a Deans version which is not shown on the picture.