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Zeer krachtige 12V starter met vertraging van 6:1 voor extra torque.

Bevat een extra groot start rubber en dus geschikt voor grote spinners. Start zeer eenvoudig b.v. 65cc motoren.

  Feature list:

  1. New design with two power switches.One at the front for airplanes and one at the back for a helicopter. Easy to use. 
  2. This version is for airplane (extra large start rubber)
  3. It easily starts 62cc gas engines.
  4. The starter rubber can also be used for an helicopter.
  5. Uses a startmotor normally used for a 110cc 4 stroke motorbike.
  6. Very high quality and performance.
  7. The gear of 6:1 gives a very high torgue.
  8. Super light weight with carbon fiber material. Weight is only 1.45kg.
  9. Use heavy duty extension ~1.6m cables.
  10. Need Power Source:  ~12V , 9AH power source or 4S LiPo