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 TOPRC Model T-28
 Wing span    (spanwijdte)  2800 mm   110"
 Length  2200 mm  86.6"
 Flying weight  22kg          lbs               
 Radio  6+ channels, 8+ servos  
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  60cc - 100cc

The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a radial-engine military trainer aircraft manufactured by North American Aviation and used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s. Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War. It has continued in civilian use as an aerobatics and warbird performer.

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  129 dm2   sq.ft
 Wing loading  gr/dm2                 oz/sq.ft          

 6+ channels, 8+ servos (throttle, rudder, geardoors,
 elevator, aileron, flaps, Choke)

 Options  Retract set including brake function
 Documentation  Instruction Manual



     1: Full composite construction. 

     2: All surface prepainted,decals applied and matt coated 

     3: True scale outline with accurate details

     4: Scale painted full-depth cockpit.

     5: Detachable main wing and tailplane for easy transportation, ready before ship out; 

     6: Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories; 

     7: Functional authentic appearance flaps for smooth landing. 

     8: High quality metal push rod included 

     9: Complete high-quality hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns.

     10: Scale high quality spinner, Scale main wheels & electric retracts available─purchased separately.


Retract system: Electric retract systems are available from TOPRC as wel. including alloy wheels, oleo struts etc. Incorporate all of the latest design improvements.


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