Extra 300S Silver (204cm, 6.5kg, 30cc) TWM

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Extra 300S Silver, The World Models.

Extra 300S 30cc
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  2040 mm   80.5"
 Length  1800 mm  71"
 Flying weight  6 - 7 kg                         14 lbs                   
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 6 servos                          
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  25 - 35cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  75.5 dm2  1175 sq.inch
 Wing loading   gr/dm2                           oz/sq.ft                                   
 Options  -
 Documentation  Instruction manual
 Manufacturers website  The World Models


The landing gear fairings resemble real plane to produce a smooth outline and to reduce drag Cowling, canopy and pilot come pre-painted Detachable 2-piece main wing Detachable stabilizer This Extra 300s has a large access hatch
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