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 Wallbro WT Series


 22x10 .. 23x10


 g/g (excl./incl. muffler and ignition)

  Delivery includes: spark plugs, ignition and mufflers.


 GF60i2 60CC inline 4-stroke gas engine from NGH with electric starter         

Technical  Specification:  
 Displacement                         (Cylinder Inhoud)  60                            ccm                   

 Output Power                                (Vermogen) 

 5.1  hp
 Carburetor  Walbro WT  
 Speed Range                                   (Toerental)  1200 - 8000  rpm (omw/min)     
 Propeller  22x8/10 .. 23x8/10  inch 
 Ignition power supply      (Spanning ontsteking)  4.8 - 8.4  Volt
 Spinner bout diameter  9.9   mm 
 Spinner bout schroefdraad  M5 - 5mm  mm 
 Gas/Oil mix ratio            (Brandstof verhouding)  35 : 1  gas : oil
 Engine (including mounting and spark plugs)  2960  gram
 Mufflers  80  gram 
 Ignition  190  gram 
 User Manual              (Gebruikers Handleiding)  NGH GF60i2 User Manual
 Carburetor Walbro Manual  Wallbro WT Series Manual
 Link to manufacturer  
 NGH GF60i2 Spare Parts  
 Fuel consumption  22ml/min: 22x10 @ 5400rpm


Delivery includes the following:

 Delivery overview

Dimension overview of the NGH GF60i2:



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