T-34 Mentor Trainer Blue (147cm, 2.3kg, 8cc) TWM

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The World Models T-34 Mentor trainer.

T-34 Mentor 8cc
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  1470 mm   58"
 Length  1220 mm  48"
 Flying weight  2.3 kg                         5.2 lbs                     
 Radio  4 channels, 4 servos                          
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  6 - 10cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing  Area               37 dm2                  577 sq. inch      
 Engine Glow

 2-stroke 0.40 - .55                       

 4-stroke 0.52 - 0.56 

 Engine Electric
 Documentation  Instruction manual
 Manufacturers website  The World Models


The T-34 Mentor is a low wing semi-scale aerobatic trainer. It has a fully symmetrical airfoil. It is covered in premium ToughLon hand ironed-on covering film. It comes with all hardware and accessories including the control horns, push rods, landing gear, wheels, engine mount, tank, spinner, and more.


Semi-scale aerobatics trainer
Top quality balsa and plywood construction
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Bulit-up wing and two pre-painted pilot figures
Special races have been organized based on this model
Perfect for beginners who have graduated from shoulder wing trainer
Available in red, cub yellow or blue color trimming
Comes with all hardware and accessories


 Overview of the kit:


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