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New: Including the new Brushless Fuel Pump and V3 ECU

SWIWIN SW120B 120N Turbine for rc model airplanes including the new brushless fuel pump.

 Output Thrust  

 120 N

 Weight / Diameter  

 1330 g / 100 mm


 Kero or Diesel 

Delivery includes: ECU, Special Brushless Fuel Pump, Color Data Terminal, Valves, Tubes, etc.

Feature List:

  • Data logging,
  • Auto start,
  • Auto re-start and 
  • Auto cool-down (ECU controlled)
  • Integrated brushless starter and ignition
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Integrated air inlet filter
  • Brushless Fuel Pump
  • Unique anti air bubble fuel pump
  • Easy installation: single fuel line and single power line
  • Full Telemetry Support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see user manual)
  • 25 hr Maintenance Interval
Air Inlet Filter and Protection Brushless Fuel Pump (anti air bubble) Ground Control Unit Engine Control Unit


Delivery Overview:

  • Turbine with integrated brushless starter and ignition
  • Special anti air bubble Brushless Fuel Pump
  • Engine Control Unit
  • Ground Control Unit with color display
  • Valve and Filter
  • Cable set and Fuel line

Not included in the delivery is the battery (3S LiPo).

Delivery Overview

 Detailed Technical Specification:  
 Thrust  120  N
 Diameter  100  mm
 Length  250  mm
 Idle speed  38000  rpm 
 Max speed  125000     rpm    
 Exhaust Gas Temperature  650  °C
 Fuel Consumption @ 113000rpm  325  ml/min
 Kerosine / oil mix ratio  20 : 1  gas : oil
 Diesel / oil mix ratio  33 : 1  gas : oil  
   Engine  1330  g
   ECU  42  g
   Brushless pump  65  g
   Valve, Filter & Wires  84  g
   User Manual  SWIWIN-User-Manual 
 How does it Work Videos:    
   Turbine Startup + Brushless pump  Video-Of-SW120B-Startup
   Telemetry Setup (Futaba)  Video-Of-Telemetry-Setup
   ECU Parameter Setup  Video-Of-ECU-Setup
   Super Air Trap Brushless Pump  Video-Of-Super-Air-Trap-Pump
   How the Engine Ignition Works  Video-Of-Engine-Ignition


Brushless Anti Air Bubble Brushless Fuel Pump


Unique Brushless Fuel Pump

The SWIWIN Turbines delivered by BigPlanes all come with the new brushless fuel pump. This new super airtrap brushless fuel pump will ensure that a flameout due to air bubbles is almost impossible. In the event that the fuel flow is interupted too long then the autorestart functionality will come into action and will automatically restart the engine again. See the video's about the super air trap pump and the restart functionality.

Fuel Connection Diagram

Fuel Connection Diagram

The SWIWIN Turbines are very easy to install. Only a single fuel line needs to be routed from the fuel tank via the UAT, pump, valve an filter towards the turbine.



Electric Connection Diagram

Electric Wiring Diagram

The electric connections of the SWIWIN Turbines are also very easy to make:

  • A cable from the ECU to the Turbine
  • A cable from the ECU to the Fuel Pump
  • A cable from the ECU to the Battery (3S LiPo)
  • A cable from the ECU to the Receiver
  • Ready
  • For telemetry a 2nd cable is needed from the ECU towards the receiver.


SWIWIN SW120N Turbine Dimensions


Dimensions of the SW120B