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Including unique BigPlanes Starter or Maintenance package. 

UMS 7-Cylinder 90cc 4-stroke Radial Gas Engine Including ring muffler.

 Output Power  



 26x10 .. 24x12


 3200g (excl./incl.mufflers)  

  Delivery includes: 1/4-32 spark plugs, ignition and ringmuffler.

Technical  Specification:  
 Displacement                   (Cylinder Inhoud)  90  ccm                   

 Output Power                           (Vermogen) 

 6  hp


 Static Thrust    kg
 Speed Range                             (Toerental)  1200 - 6000  rpm (omw/min)    
 Propeller  26x10 .. 24x12  inch 
 Ignition power supply (Spanning ontsteking)  4.8 - 8.4  Volt
 Spinner mount thread  M4  mm 
 Crankshaft mount thread  10     mm 
 Gas/Oil mix ratio     (Brandstof verhouding)  30 : 1  gas : oil
 Engine     (including muffler and fuel pump)  3000  gram
 Muffler  -  gram 
 Ignition  480  gram 
 User Manual         (Gebruikers Handleiding)  
 Approx. Fuel Flow  cc/min (full throttle)
 Link to manufacturer  
 Spare Parts


Spark plugs are of type: 1/4-32

7-Cylinder 90cc 4-Stroke Gas / Petrol Radial Engine

The UMS 7-90 is a very reliable radial engines which uses gas fuel. UMS has a lot of experience building radial engines. It has brought more than 2000 engines to market so far. The design and construction are upper class leading to a outstanding realibility of these engines. They are easily servicebale. All critical parts are easily accessible.

Key Features

  • 7-cylinder radial configuration—absolutely stunning looks and realism
  • 4-stroke
  • Midsize 90cc displacement
  • Comes complete with exhaust collector ring —one-box purchase for a ready-to-mount-and-run engine
  • User-friendly choke and throttle bellcranks included—makes installation and operation easy
  • Made from aluminum or bar stock where appropriate and CNC-machined—accurate and repeatable specifications each and every time
  • Cylinder head and crankcases produced from aircraft grade alloys
  • Heavy-duty double bearing crankshaft
  • Billet aluminum pistons and hardened steel rings
  • Hard-chromed and lapped cylinder bores
  • Hardened steel cams
  • Burns gas/petrol fuel


The UMS-7-90cc 4-stroke radial gas engine from UMS is especially developped for scale models. 


Diameter of the engine is 23 cm.



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