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 Goldwing SLICK540

 SLICK540 (with carbon accessories)
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  1730 mm   68"
 Length  1675 mm  66"
 Flying weight  3.5 - 3.8 kg             7.7 - 8.2 lbs         
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 4 servos                  
 Engine Gas       (Electro)  15 - 26cc  (1500 - 1800W e.g. TCG5625)

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  58.6 dm2                   908               
 Engine (Electric)

 Gas engine: 20cc DLE20 (RA)
 Electric motor: TCG5625; ESC 80 - 100A
 6S LiPo 4000mAh

 Manufacturers website  Goldwing


The model is covered with Oracover film.

Full set of Carbon Fiber accessories included:

  • Wing tube
  • Landing gear
  • Tail wheel
  • Strengthened fuselage by carbon fiber board
  • Strengthened fuselage by carbon fiber rods



  • Including fuel dot and fuel vent line plug
  • Including new clear KUZA fuel tank
  • Side Force Generator's (SFG)
  • Up to 60 degree of throw of the control surfaces for excellent 3D aerobatic flying
  • Covered with chinacote film
  • Quick release canopy latch
  • Light weight construction
  • Two pieces of removable wings
  • Easy installation
  • Light rubber wheels
  • Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing
  • High performance hardware including: Ball linkage control system; safe servo stapers;
  • Honeycomb Board carton packing for safer transportation



Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics.

High Pre-installation:

  • Pre hinged wings and stabs;
  • Pre mounted and painted (foil) Canopy;


See detailed description below:

Carbon Fibre Wingtube

Carbon Fiber Wing Tube

Carbon Fibre Landing Gear

Carbon Fiber Landing Gear

Carbon Fibre Tail Gear

Carbon Fiber Tail Gear

Carbon Fibre Rods

Carbon Fiber Board and Rods for additional fuselage strenght.

Quick Release Canopy

Quick release canopy

Canopy latches

Canopy latches

SFG: Removable Side Forge Generators

SFG: Removable Side Forge Generators

fuel dot and fuel vent line plug

fuel dot and fuel vent line plug

KUZA Fuel Tank

KUZA Fuel Tank

Carbon fiber control horns

Glass fiber control horns

Light rubber wheels

Light rubber wheels

Honeycomb board carton packing

Honeycomb board carton packing for safe transportation

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