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The TOMCAT TCG5025 G52 is an engine suitable for models with a flying weight between 3.5 - 7 kg.

This engine is compatible with a gas engine of ~8cc.

 Model reference  TCG5025-KV590
 KV (RPM/V)  590
 No Load Current (A)  2.6
 No. of LiPo cells  4 - 6
 Max. Current 30s (A)  70
 Running Current (A)  <62
 Max. Input Power (W)  1400  (6 LiPo x 3,3V x 70A)
 Weight (g)  355
 Prop adapter diameter (mm)  
 Shaft diameter (mm)  6
 Max. Pull (kg)  
 Propellor (inch)  12x8 - 14x7
 Internal resistance (milli-ohm)    29
 Number of poles  14
 Maximum efficiency  
 Dimensions  see below
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Motor dimensions of the TCG5025-590: