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Mini toerenteller van Rcexl voor electronische ontstekings systemen of  CDI. Ook geschikt voor SAITO.

Indicatie tot 30000 toeren/min.

Mini Tachometer

1. Contains PIC16f628a microcontroller2. Does not need seperate battery, powered from the ignition3. Standard FUTABA plug(Black-Negative Red-Positive and White-Signal)4. Using high-brightness LED display5. Input voltage range:3.5V-8.4V6. Current consumption 25mA-60mA7. Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000 rpm 8. Actual RPM= Display Digital *109. Body Size: 41mm L x 17mm W x 12mm H 10.Window Size: 30mm L x 15mm H
11.Weight:8.5g   (0.3OZ)
Documentation:  User manual
1.Connect the Y wire between the HALL sensor and the ignition.
2.Connect the tachometer plug to the other end of the Y wire.
3.Connect the power supply to the ignition and the tachometer will display the rpm / 10.

 Wiring diagram: