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Electric starter suitable for the DLE111, DLE120 and DLE85.

Altijd al de motor op afstand, via uw zender, willen starten? Nu kan dit voor de DLE85, DLE111 en DLE120

De brushless motor met de ESC is als meerprijs leverbaar. Zie options.


  • Weight: ~600 gr (excl. motor, ESC and battery) 
  • Need to purchase seperately or included as an option:

           -  brushless motor type ~3542 (900 - 1100 KV) with 5mm shaft.

           -  in general 4S LiPo (1300mAh/40C)

           -  60 Amp brushless ESC recommended


This starter fits the DLE111 and with a little rework also suitable for the DLE85 and the DLE120.

You need some hands-on experience to make this starter fit the DLE85 and the DLE120.


Delivery overview:


Options which can be included are the motor with the ESC. 

The motor delivered in this option is equal to 3542-1000KV and the ESC is a 60-70Amp version. 

The pictures do not reflect  the exact motor/ESC which is delivered.


Detailed pictures:


The starter is equipped with a one-way bearing, which makes that the force can only be transmitted to the engine. But the force won’t be transmitted to the electric motor when the gas-engine starts, which contributes to protecting the motor effectively.


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