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Advanced control module for the Electron ER40 and ER50 electric retract systems for RC Model Airplanes.

Additional features are programmable delay, control of 3 additional outputs (geardoors), programmable brakes etc.


User Manual of the retract and controller: Retract-and-Controller-User-Manual



-Direct control of 3 motors in bidirectional and regulated mode up to 2,5A

-Control of electric brake, full proportional, lineal and adjustable pulsed mode.

-3 servo outputs for the control of the doors, endpoints programmable

-Steering servo processor. Programmable position in retracted mode, programmable center, sense and gain on extended mode.

-Single or dual channel mode.

-Programmable delay for extension and retraction of all gears independently.

-Easy programming trough a LCD display.

-Small (same dimensions as RB45) size and lightweight.

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