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Power distributie systeem inclusief magnetische schakelaar. Regelbare uitgangsspanning en geschikt voor alle combinaties van batterijen en servo's van 5.4 tot 7.4V.

12 ontvanger kanalen in en 32 servo kanalen uit.

Geschikt voor zowel HV als 6V servo's met NiCd, NiMh, LiFe, LiIon of LiPo batterijen.


Link to the User Manual: DPSI RV 2010



DPSI RV (2010) - Product description

Dual power supply for 5/6 cell NiCad/NiMH, as well as LiIon/LiPo/LiFePO4 batteries. Regulated output voltage for receiver and servos (from 5.4 volts up to 7.4 volts, adjustable in 4 steps).

Future-proof: servos with 7,4V nominal voltage can be used without restrictions. Current distribution of 12 receiver channels to 32 servos (additional servos directly connectable to receiver). Dual electronically on/off switch without any influence of the micro controller (CSHC) and therefore extreme reliable. HF interference suppression.

Servo pulse amplification for signals from approx. 1.6V. 100% compatible with all 2.4GHz radios. Intelligent voltage monitoring including optically and acoustically error indication.

Suitable to all battery types due to low drop out technology. The used battery type can easily be programmed (and therefore the correct low voltage detection). Enlarged heat sink for better heat dissipation. Up to 60A peak current.

ATTENTION: The switching off process of DPSI works with a hall effect sensor. Hall effect sensors can be influenced by magnet fields. It is possible that the DPSI switches off when exposed to a very strong magent field (i.g. electric drive). Current-carrying cables generate a magnet field. So please run all cables which are carrying a high current (>100A) with a distance of at least 3cm (1.18in) from the switch acutator.

Delivery includes switch actuator, EMC high current connectors, 12 patch cables, operation instructions.


DPSI RV (2010) - Block Diagram:


DPSI RV (2010) - Specifications

  • Power Sources: 5, 6, 7 cell NiCad / NiMH cells, lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries
  • Operating voltage range: 5.0V to 10V
  • Nominal input voltage: 6.0V to 8.4V
  • Output voltage: 5.4V / 6.0V / 6.5V / 7.4V jumper selectable
  • Quiescent current (when off): Approx. 1µA pro battery
  • Quiescent current (when on): Approx. 90mA total
  • Max. continuous current at 5.9V (15 minutes with LiPo batteries): 8A
  • Max. continuous current at 7.4V Output Voltage: 2 x 10A (20A)
  • Max. peak current at 5.9V: 60A
  • Drop-out losses at 4A: 0.4V
  • Maximum power dissipation (continuously): 15W DPSI RV
  • Number of servos in system: Up to 32 Servos
  • CE test: Under terms of 2004/108/EC
  • Environmental conditions: -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • Permissible temperature range: -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to185°F)
  • LCL filtering (EMI): For each individual servo output
  • Interference signal suppression at 35 MHz: -20dB at 35MHz, -34dB at 100MHz
  • Dimensions including latches for connecting the battery: 173 x 85 x 15,8mm (6.81 x 3.35 x 0.62in)
  • Screw diameter for fastening: 4 x 4,2mm (4 x 0.17in)
  • Hole spacing for fastening: 152,3 x 75,7mm (6,00 x 2.98in)
  • Weight DPSI: 215g (7.58oz)
  • Weight switch actuator: 15g (0.53oz)
  • Warranty: 24 month
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