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CYMODEL Spitfire MK IX, 50 - 85cc, optional retract system

CYMODEL Spitfire MK IX 60cc
 Wing span    (spanwijdte)  2350 mm   92.5"
 Length  2000 mm  79"
 Flying weight  12 - 14 kg                                               
 Radio  6 channels, 8-9 servos
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  50 - 85cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  92 dm2  1423
 Wing loading  gr/dm2                               oz/sq.ft             
 Options  Retract system
 Documentation  Spitfire MK IX Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website      CYMODEL Website


CYMODEL creates detailed and nice user or instruction manuals for their rc model airplanes. Also a detailed building or instruction manual for the Spitfire mk IX from CYMODEL is available.

See Spitfire MK IX Instruction Manual


Product Description:

1. High-quality, prepainted, fiberglass fuselage and cowling;
2. High-quality balsa and plywood material;
3. Light weight and strong construction;
4. Functional scale flaps;
5. Aluminum wing tube;
6. Aluminum stabilizer tube;
7. Hardware package included;
8. Scale color scheme with professional covering;
9. Decals pre-applied at factory.


The spinner needed for the Spitfire is 5".


Both electric as well as air retracts are available. The retracts include alloy wheels and oleo struts. All in a very high quality.


Factory painted in authentic British paint scheme with pre-applied decals, covered with clear coat.          
Functional flaps. Epoxy resin fiberglass fuselage and cowl, built up wings, covered with special covering which pain adheres to, and finished with a flat paint scheme, decals pre-applied and clear coated!

Hardware package included.


Cowl dimensions:


The Spitfire is quite possibly the most famous and celebrated warbird of all time. It is often creditted with the british victory over the Germans in the battle of Britain, even though the Hurricane actually scored more aerial victories, and its status is legendary. More spitfires were made during the second world war than any other fighter aircraft, and it holds the distinction of being the only allied fighter in service at the beginning of the war that was still in service at the end.

Designed by R.J. Mitchell and later variants by Joseph Smith, the spitfire was a beautiful single seat fighter aircraft. Its gently contoured wings provided extremely strong flying acteristics, allowing for very tight maneuvering at high speeds. This gave the spitfire a huge advantage over German aicraft during the battle of britain, although it was largely equalled by the introduction of the FW-190 and others later in the war. Its thin eliptical wing allowed it to fly faster than the Hurricane, although the latters tight placement of 50 calibre machine guns and closer point of conversion proved deadlier to German bombers. Its distinctive silhouette and the beauty of the design made it a legend. While the Spitfire was constantly compared to the BF-109, the spitfire was a more flexible design, and allowed for better and better versions, making it's later marks more potent than those of the BF-109.

The spitfire saw extensive service after the war in many conflict areas, including the dle east, Arab Legion Spitfires tangled with the new state of Israel's Avia S-199 versions of the ME-109. Later in that conflict, there were actually many engagements of spitfires v. spitfires as the Israelis managed to secure some from Czechoslovakia.



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