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Twinsync Pair On-board Glow Drivers from Down and Locked or formarly WRC Wike R/C Products.

Delivery consists of 2 glow driver modules.

The glow drivers from Down and Locked or formarly WRC Wike R/C Products can be connected to the TwinSync module. A glow plug clip, a ground lug and the connection to the battery are also provided.

The on board glowplug drivers are now supported by the TwinSync version 2.0. The glowdrivers are each a small board with a servo type connector that goes to J8 and J9 on the TwinSync as shown below:
The wires going between the TwinSync and the glow drivers can be extended with standard aileron extensions. The intent with the new onboard glow drivers is that they could be mounted and in each nacelle with the battery to reduce wiring complexity. Additionally, all of the needed wiring and connectors is now included. Each glow driver operates on a single cell battery. Each battery should be at least 1500maH. Each glow driver is capable of driving about 8 to 10 amps so twin cylinder engines can be handled.
There are two 18 awg red wires on each glow driver. The one with the alligator clip goes to the tip of the glow plug. The other red wire goes to the positive glow battery terminal (+). There are also two black wires on each glow driver. The black wire with the ring terminal goes to the engine case. The intent is to put one of the engine mount
through it. The other black wire goes to the minus (-) side of the glow driver battery. (reduce wiring complexity of the cell nicad or nimh battery).

The glow drivers can be programmed to operate with an auxiliary channel or based on RPM. If running based on RPM wiggle the propeller so that the magnet passes in front of the RPM sensor and glow plug should come on for 10 seconds. Using an electric starter on the engine will also automatically turn on the glow plugs. The glowplugs will come on when ever the engine is below 3500 RPM in automatic mode.
There is an LED on the glow drivers that is on solid whenever the glow plugs are on. The two RED leds on the TwinSync will turn on continuous when the glow drivers are on. If the glow plug is not connected or burned out the RED led for that glow driver will flash slowly. If a glow driver battery is getting low (below 1.15 volts under load) the RED led for that glow driver on the TwinSync will flash rapidly. A glow driver battery can heat a glow plug (depending on the plug) sometimes all the way down to 0.90 volts. So just because the LEDs are flashing doesn’t mean that the battery is dead. An engine can typically still be started even though the led started flashing.


See the manual of the TwinSync for more information: TwinSync-Manual