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iMAX 4B6AC Geavanceerde 4-voudige lader voor LiFe, LiPo, Li-Ion, Pb, NiMh en NiCd.
Geschikt voor het tegelijk laden van 4 verschillende batterijen.
Lader inclusief aluminium koffer en kabels.

Zowel op- als ontladen van batterijen. Inclusief balanceren van LiFe, LiPo en Li-Ion cellen door middel van JST-XH balanceer connector. Geschikt voor 1-6 cellen LiFe, LiPo en 1-15 cellen NiMh, NiCd.

De IMAX Quatro of 4B6AC is een volledig programmeerbare universele batterij lader die geschikt is om 4 batterijen tegelijk aan te sluiten en op te laden.

De lader heeft de mogelijkheid om 5 veelgebruikte instellingen (lees gebruikte batterijen) te onthouden (4 x 5 instellingen). Hiermee kunt u eenvoudig de batterij aansluiten selecteren en laden.

De lader bevat een goede balanceer functie voor uw LiFe, LiPo en Li-Ion batterijen waardoor de levensduur van uw batterijen optimaal gegarandeerd is. 



- Geschikt voor 220V en ook 12V (b.v. accu).

  Dus ook in het veld op een accu aan te sluiten.

- Geschikt voor Li-ion, Lipo, LiFe, Lood, Nicad en NiMh accu's

- Geheugen functie voor 4 x 5 verschillende accu's.

- Lader kan ook ontladen (of b.v. een ontlaad en laad cyclus)

- Inclusief balanceers functie d.m.v. JST-XH connector.

- Lader is volledig programmeerbaar


Gebruiksaanwijzing: 4B6AC Manual


 Operating voltage range DC 11.0~18.0 V

AC 100~240V 50/60HZ

 Circuit Power

Max. Charge power 4 x 50W

Max. Discharge power 4 x 5W

 Charge current range  0.1~6.0A

 Discharge current range

 Current drain for balancing  LiPo  300mA/cell
 NiCd/MiMH battery cell count  1~15 cells
 LiPo/LiIon/LiFe cell count  1~6 cells
 Pb battery voltage  2V~20V
 Net weight  1.57kg
 Dimension  225 x 170 x 66mm

"Delivery contains

De levering omvat de volgende items:


Some pictures of a 4B6AC charger. the items delivered look similar to the pictures below:



IMAX QUATTRO B6AC is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types. With integral equalizer for six-cell Lithium-Ion (LiIon), Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) and Lithium-Ferrum (LiFe) batteries.

Maximum 6A charge current; can be powered by a 12 Volt car battery or from the 110V AC(US Version) or 220V AC via the built in switch-mode power supply.

And the circuit features four totally independent identical power outputs which are powered 50 watts each. Total powers are 200 watts. As a result , it can charge or discharge up to 4 x 15 cells of NiCd/NiMH or 4 x 6 series of Lithium batteries simultaneously. Quattro B6AC has four individual cell voltage balancer at each outputs, so it does not required any balancer separately when charging Lithium Battery (LiPo/LiIon/LiFe) for voltage balancing.

When a Nickel battery is fully charged, the unit terminates the process using the Delta-Peak method. Lithium and lead (Pb) batteries are charged using the CC-CV method.


QUATTRO B6AC allows you to plug 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously, and it will intelligently and automatically charge all 4 of them at once to their maximum capacity. On top of this, the batteries being charged do not even need to have the same configuration. You can connect different chemistry(Ni-MH/Ni-CD/LiPo/LiFe)batteries into any of the charging ports. No more staying up late for charging batteries.


Optimized operating software
QUATTRO B6AC features the so-called AUTO function that set the feeding current during the process of charging or discharging. Especially for Lithium batteries, it can prevent the overcharging which may lead to an explosion due to the user's fault. It can disconnect the circuit automatically and alarm once detecting any malfunction. All the
programs of this product were controlled through two way linkage and communication, to achieve the maximum safety and minimize the trouble. All the settings can be configured by users!

Internal independent lithium battery balancer
QUATTRO B6AC employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer. It isn't necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging.

Balancing individual cells battery discharging
During the process of discharging, QUATTRO B6AC can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. Error message will be indicated and the process will be ended automatically if the voltage of any single one cell is abnormal.

Adaptable to various type of lithium battery
QUATTRO B6AC is adaptable to various types of Lithium batteries, such as Li-ion, LiPo and the new LiFe series of batteries.


Fast and storage mode of lithium battery
Purposes to charge Lithium battery varies, 'fast' charge reduce the duration of charging, whereas 'store' state can control the final voltage of your battery, so as to store for a long time and protect useful time of the battery.

Maximum safety
Delta-peak sensitivity: The automatic charge termination program based on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. When the battery's voltage exceeds the threshold, the process will be terminated automatically.

Automatic charging current limit
You can set up the upper limit of the charging current when charging your NiCd or NiMH battery, it is useful for the NiMH battery of low impedance and capacity in the 'AUTO' charging mode.

Capacity limit

The charging capacity is always calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit, the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum value.

Temperature threshold*
The battery's internal chemical reaction will cause the temperature of the battery to rise. If the temperature limit is reached, the process will be terminated.
* This function is available by connecting optional temperature probe, which is not included in the package.

Processing time limit:
You can also limit the maximum process time to avoid any possible defect.

Data store/load
The maximum five batteries' data can be stored for each output(4×5SET). You can keep the data pertaining to program setting of the battery of continuous charging or discharging.
Users can call out these data at any time without any special program setting.

Cyclic charging/discharging
1 to 5 cyclic and continuous process of charge>discharge or discharge>charge is operable for battery refreshing and balancing to stimulate the battery's activity.

PC based analysis uing USB Communication*
QUATTRO B6AC offer PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery via USB port. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity curves. It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack.

* This function is available by connecting optional link Adapter, which is not included in the package.



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