Opto Coupled Gas Engine Kill Switch

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This device will allow you to safely and remotely shut-down your electronic ignition equipped engine from your transmitter. A spare receiver channel is needed to use this switch. 

A remote mountable led is included to indicate ignition arming status.

Kill switch documentation:  kill_switch_manual 


  1. Includes a remote mountable bright LED to indicate ignition arming status                  
  2. Fiber-Optic coupled input / output
  3. PIC12F675 Controller
  4. Li-Po / Li-Ion / A123 / Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh Input
  5. Up to 20Volt / 16Amp MOSFET output
  6. Low 3V to 3Amp output
  7. Less than 150mV Voltage drop
  8. 100% Surface Mount Technology
  9. Heavy Gauge Wires, Universal Connectors
  10. Small and Lightweight (8grams)
  11. Reverse Battery Input Protection
  12. Transmitter or Receiver shutdown automatically kills the engine


Fiber-optically coupled to isolate your ignition system from your radio system which means no interference between ignition and receiver!

Plugs directly into a spare Rx channel.

A must-have safety device for any gas powered plane

Safely kill the engine anytime - on the ground, in the air.