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 Extra330S 30E Electric Power Airplane
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  1280 mm   50.4"
 Length  1260 mm  49.6"
 Flying weight  1.5 kg                                   3 lbs                                     
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 4 servos and 1 ESC                                               
 Engine Brushless (elektro)  450 - 500 Watt Brushless

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  dm2  sq.ft
 Wing loading  gr/dm2   oz/sq.ft
 Flying weight  1.4 - 1.7 kg                                 12 - 13 lbs                                        
 Radio  4-5 channels, 4 servos (2 aileron, rudder, elevator), 1 ESC
 Engine Gas         (benzine)  -
 Engine Glow      (gloeiplug)  -
 Engine Brushless  (elektro)  Brushless:  FC3542-06 or FC3548-05
 Options  -
 Documentation  Assembly Manual
 Manufacturers website  -


2 Piece Removable Wings.
Varying Top/Bottom Covering.
Tail Wheel Set. Airfoiled Stab and Rudder.
Pre-Cut Fiberglass Cowl & Wheel Pants.
Lasercut Outrunner Mount.
Large Removable Top Hatch.
Decal Sheet & Upgraded Manual and Much More!

When Fliton sat down with the 2005 XFC champion Andrew Jesky, he was adamant about making the absolute best large scale parkflyer available in todays market. After many design changes and 3 prototypes later, Fliton would proudly unveil the Andrew Jesky Extra 330S... the ultimate in professional grade.
The overall build is very straightforward and can be assembled in as little as a few hours. An interlocking joint structure and special covering also makes for a very strong construction. Expect your Andrew Jesky Extra to execute 40% size performance without the added expense of larger kits. It can easily perform stable harriers, hands-off knife edges, straight axial rolls, torque rolls and any other 3D or precision aerobatic maneuver you can throw at it.
Among many other great features, Andrew's covering scheme which is a vibrant mixture of red with white on top and checkered blue with white on the bottom surface, really makes for a visually stunning experience and aids in flight orientation.
Tested, approved, co-designed by Andrew Jesky and backed by Fliton's commitment to high quality,
the AJ Extra 330S is a must have for every hangar, big or small.