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 Input Range  

 2 - 6 LiPo 

Output Current  

 70A continuous



Dynam is well known about their low cost high quality speed controllers. Real value for money.


 Continuous Current    70 Amp 
 Burst Current  -
 LiPo Cells  2 - 6
 NiMH/NiCd Cells  6 - 16
 Size (LxWxH)  52x25x8 mm        
 Weight  33 g
 BEC  No
 Documentation  Instruction Manual 


The Dynam ESC speed controllers for brushless motors are designed for any type of motors.

  • Compliant with most standard receiver connector: Futaba, JR, Hitec etc
  • Suitable for all types of accus NiCd, NiMh, Li- polymer, Li-Ion.
  • high frequency brake with non linear course and limited braking action
  • auto calibrating type with variable end point
  • cut off type - slow down system with safety rest of accu capacity
  • Default Voltage:Cut off is set to 0,9V per cell for NiXX,3,0V per cell for Li-XX

Programmable Items:

  • Brake Setting: brake enabled / brake disabled.
  • Throttle curve: Linear or logarithm.
  • Cut off type: hard (=motor off); slowdown (=slowly decreasing motor power)
  • Timing: Soft (2,4,6 pole) / Hard (6 or more poles).

Full Protection Features:

  • Low Voltage cutoff protection
  • Over-heat protection


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