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The MAX BEC 2D plus EX is a dual input, linear voltage regulator which can be used with all receivers and Brands in the market. The Max BEC 2D Plus EX includes a magnetic switch.

Redundant inputs are available to connect 2 batteries. The output features an MPX type socket, directly supporting Duplex and all Duplex EPC receivers.

The output voltage can easily be configured by using the external pins of the MAX BEC 2D Plus EX.

If a JETI transmitter is used then it also supports on / off via the Jeti RC Switch module.

In addition to its magnetic switch feature, the 2D Plus EX is also programmable by using the JETIBOX and is also Duplex 2.4EX compatible. This allows audible alarms to be configured for low input voltage or high-temperature. When used with the Duplex 2.4EX, it also allows real-time feedback of input voltage and temperature as well as output voltage wirelessly from the JETIBOX profi.

A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical ones is in general their higher reliability as far as vibration resistance is concerned. Another advantage of the electronic switch is given by its practical ability to withstand an unlimited number of switching cycles.
Electronic switches have no moving parts like contacts which would be wearing out during switching processes, therefore their durability is extremely long. Moreover, they are not prone to spontaneous and unexpected false tripping with known disastrous effects. Last but not least, electronic switches offer much lower inherent transient resistance in comparison to mechanical switches.

The electronic switch does operate  with the aid of a magnetic switch, or remote if an RC Switch module is used, which can be fixed to the fuselage or elsewhere. The system becomes switched on or off with application of a special magnet.

Especially suited for mid and large size models.


Weight [g] 85
Dimensions [mm] 100 x 29 x 16
Sustained current [A] 12
Peak current (max 30s) [A] 20
Telemetry Yes
Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 130
Recommended input voltage [V] 5,5 - 8,4
Output voltage [V] 5,0 - 6,0
Idle current [µA] 240
Max. power loss [W] 20
Number of battery inputs 2
Input voltage max. [V] 16
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