DELight Ultra Bright Strip LEDs

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DELight LEDs op een strip

DELight Strip LEDs voor verlichting op schaal, nacht vliegen etc.

De levering bestaat uit 1 module. Er zijn 3 kleuren: Rood, Oranje en Groen.

Elke module bestaat uit een 14 LEDs, weerstanden en een 60cm lange aansluitsnoer met een standaard servo-connector. Dit maakt het gebruik van standaard servo verlengkabels mogelijk.

Product Description

DELight Strip LEDs are powerful, easy to use LED lights which are designed to be used with our DELight Controller. However, they are fully self-contained, and can be used by themselves if desired. They have a standard servo-type plug, so you can use off-the-shelf servo extensions and Y-harnesses.

Each light modules consist of fourteen surface mount LEDs, an appropriate current-limit resistor and a 24" lightweight wire pigtail terminating in a universal servo-type connector. Available colors are red, green and amber.

The light output of each strip varies by its color. Green LEDs put out 170 millilumens of light per LED for a total of 2.38 lumens. Red LEDs output 330 mLM per LED for a total of 4.62 LM. Amber LEDs output 520 mLM per LED for a total of 7.28 LM! They have a wide 120 degree beam angle, so they can be seen from many positions and light up large surfaces.

Product Specs: Operating voltage: 4V-6V
Current: 150mA max
Size: 6" x .125" x .05" + 24" Wire Pigtail
Weight: 3.4 g
Applications: Additional LEDs for the DELight Programmable Lighting System
Model Lighting
Theatrical Light Effects
Night Flying