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 ESM T-28 Trojan, optional retract system
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  2057 mm   81"
 Length  1613 mm  63.5"
 Flying weight  8.2 kg                           18 lbs                    
 Radio  6 channels, 8 servos  
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  30cc - 50cc   (50cc preferred)
 Engine Glow   (gloeiplug)  30cc 4-cycle (1.80)

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  55.8 dm2  6.0 sq.ft
 Wing loading 123.7 gr/dm2             40.6 oz/sq.ft     

 6 channels, 8 servos (throttle, rudder,

 elevator, 2 aileron, 2 flaps, retract)

 Options  Retract system
 Documentation  Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website  ESM-Website



Fiberglass fuse and balsa built -up wing. Wing Covering Material: Solartex Fabric Covered, painted, decals applied and clear coated. The aircraft has a beautiful flat finish. The covering goes on clear, and is then primed and painted, then clearcoated.

Hardware package and illustrated instruction manual included.



Generation V retracts: including alloy wheels, oleo struts and generation 5 retract air system. Incorporate all of the latest design improvements. 


Cowl Dimensions:

  Front: Height: 22.5cm; Width: 22cm 
  Back: Height: 27cm;    Width: 24cm
  Length: ~24cm


More pictures of the T-28 but in a different color scheme. The pictures are made by James Cattanach: 



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