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Reduced price due to incomplete kit. This model is missing a few items (tube and PVC parts). Rework is needed to make the model ready to fly.

From €499 for only €199.

Cheap Tiger Moth model for hobbyists who love to build and are not afraid for some rework. 

 ESM/ECOM Tiger Moth
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  2235 mm   88"
 Length  1830 mm           72"        
 Flying weight  7 - 8 kg                   16 -18 lbs                    
 Radio  6 channels, 6 servos           
 Engine Gas    (benzine) 26 - 40cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  146 dm2  15.7 sq.ft
 Wing loading                     50 gr/dm2                16.4 oz/sq.ft               

 6 channels, 6 -7 servos 

 Throttle, rudder, 2 elevator, 2 aileron,

 optional choke

 Options   -
 Documentation  Instruction manual
 Manufacturers website  ESM-Website

The model is unfortunately not compete. A few items are not present  

Missing items are a.o.:

- Engine mounting alu struts (picture 49 of the manual)

- PVC wheel cover (picture 61)

- PVC side cover (picture 65)


- You need to check e.g. the fuselage and if needed make corrections 

- A few models have already been sold and reworked. It is not difficult but some experience is usefull.



  • All wood construction.
  • Pre-Covered in real iron on film.
  • Fiberglass cowl already painted.
  • Easy to fly.
  • Removable wings



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