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Valach VM60 S1-4T 60cc inline 4-stroke gas engine for rc model airplanes.

 Output Power  



 24x12, 24x14,26x10


 2240g/2360g (excl./incl. ignition)  

  Delivery includes: spark plug, ignition.

 Technische Specificatie:  
 Cylinder Inhoud  60   ccm 
 Vermogen     hp
 Trekkracht    kg 
 Toerental  1000 - 6200+  omw/min 
 Propeller  24x12 ..26x10  inch 
 Spanning elektronische ontsteking  4,8 tot 9  Volt
 Brandstof verhouding  30 : 1  benzine : olie
 Motor  2240 gram
 Uitlaat  - gram 
 Ontsteking    gram 
 Gebruikers Handleiding  Instruction manual
 Link naar Fabrikant
 VM120-I2-4T Onderdelen  Toni Clark
 Vergelijkbare Elektro Motor  -


The Valach VM60 S1-4T 4-stroke gas engine from Valach is especially developped for scale models.



  1. Very light, weighs 2 lb less than other 4-stokes in it's class
  2. Swings big propellers with high efficiency in an reasonable RPM range
  3. Exceptionally pleasing sound caused by big Honda valves and clever valve timing
  4. Spontaneous throttle response and smooth mid-range transition
  5. Small frontal section with the valve train, carburetor and exhaust behind the cylinder
  6. Nickel-Silicon plated cylinder surfaces
  7. Completely enclosed valve train
  8. Only one camshaft
  9. Three crank bearings
  10. Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard
  11. Ignition is designed for a 2s LiPo battery
  12. VM-Motors are designed using the latest tools and techniques
  13. Rapid spares delivery and repair service from Germany by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH



Detailed overview of the delivery of the Valach VM60 S1-4T inline gas engine:








  Valach VM60S1 4T dimensions:




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