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This model is missing the 2 wing struts. These must be manufactured yourselves. See pictures for kit content.

From €429 for only €289

 ESM Cessna 185 Color is Red
 Wing span     (spanwijdte)  2200 mm   86,6"
 Length  1550 mm  61"
 Flying weight  6.5 kg                          14.3 lbs                   
 Radio  6 channels, 8 servos                           
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  20cc - 30cc   (26cc preferred)
 Engine Glow     (gloeiplug)  20cc 4-cycle (1.20)

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  55.3 dm2  5.95 sq.ft        
 Wing loading  117.5 gr/dm2   38.5 oz/sq.ft   
 Radio  6 channels, 8 servos (throttle, rudder, 2 elevator, 2 aileron, 2 flaps)
 Engine Gas         (benzine)  20cc - 30cc  (26cc preferred)                                                             
 Engine Glow      (gloeiplug)  20cc 4-cycle (1.20)
 Engine Brushless  (elektro)  
 Options  Floats
 Documentation  Instruction Manual
 Manufacturers website  ESM-Website



Epoxy resin fiberglass fuselage and cowl, balsa built -up wing.
Wing Covering Material: Solartex Fabric Covered, painted, decals applied and clear coated. The aircraft has a beautiful flat, non-glossy finish. This is superior to glossy covering materials.
Functional flaps.

All hardware included (screws, rods, fuel tanks etc...)

Hardware package and illustrated instruction manual included.




The Cessna 185, also known as the Skywagon, is a six-

seat, single engined, general aviation light aircraft manufactured by Cessna.
It first flew as a prototype in July 1960, with the first production model
being completed in March 1961. The Cessna 185 is a high-winged aircraft with
non-retractable conventional landing gear and a tailwheel. Over 4,400 were
built with production ceasing in 1985. Production ceased in large part in
1985 due to two factors: the demise of the general aviation boom that
acterized the post World War II years in the United States, and the
growing awareness by insurance companies that tail wheel aircraft were harder
to insure due to their handling acteristics during takeoff and landing.
When Cessna re-introduced some of its most popular models in the 1990s, the
tailwheel equipped Cessna 180 and 185 were left to the history books and not
The aircraft is basically a Cessna 180 with a strengthened fuselage. The main
difference between the two aircraft is the larger vertical fin on the 185 and
the 300 hp (224 kW) Continental Motors IO-520-D engine as opposed to the 230
hp (172 kW) Continental Motors O-470-S fitted in the Cessna 180. The
exception was that a Continental Motors IO-470-F engine of 260 hp (194 kW)
was initially fitted until way through the 1966 production year. The later
model Skywagon II has a factory fitted avionics package.
The Skywagon can also be fitted with floats, amphibious float, or skis. The
AGcarryall variant of the 185 adds a 151-gallon belly chemical tank and
removable spray booms for aerial application. It is also possible to fit a
cargo pod under the fuselage that can carry an extra 300 lb (136 kg).
The 180 and 185 are widely used in bush flying, the commercial transport of
people and freight to remote austere airstrips and floatplane accessible
lakes primarily in Canada and Alaska.


A few pictures from Rijk Winkelman:

The Cessna below contains an RCGF26cc engine with pitts style muffler inclusive servo's from SpringRC





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