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Mini tachometer from Rcexl for use with electronic ignition systems like the CDI.

Indicates up to 30000 rpm.

Mini Tachometer

1. Contains PIC16f628a microcontroller
2. Does not need seperate battery, powered from the ignition
3. Standard FUTABA plug(Black-Negative Red-Positive and White-Signal)
4. Using high-brightness LED display
5. Input voltage range:3.5V-8.4V
6. Current consumption 25mA-60mA
7. Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000 rpm
8. Actual RPM= Display Digital *10
9. Body Size: 41mm L x 17mm W x 12mm H
10.Window Size: 30mm L x 15mm H
11.Weight:8.5g   (0.3OZ)
Documentation:  User manual
1.Connect the Y wire between the HALL sensor and the ignition.
2.Connect the tachometer plug to the other end of the Y wire.
3.Connect the power supply to the ignition and the tachometer will display the rpm / 10.

 Wiring diagram: