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 Gas engine with side or rear exhaust. Can be changed manually.


 Wallbro WT Series


 18x8 .. 20x8


 1280g/1450g (excl./incl. muffler and ignition)

  Delivery includes: spark plug, ignition, piston (for side exhaust) and muffler.

The engine is a rear induction version, but thanks to a special design, this engine can be converted to a side induction version, the conversion parts needed are included with the kit, so you can convert to side induction if needed.

The delivery contains an additional piston which can be used to change the default configuration from rear to side exhaust. 


Technical  Specification:  
 Displacement                         (Cylinder Inhoud)  35                                 ccm                   

 Output Power                                (Vermogen) 

 4.2  hp
 Thrust                                            (Trekkracht)    kg 
 Speed Range                                   (Toerental)  2000 - 9000  rpm (omw/min) 
 Propeller  18x8 - 20x8  inch 
 Ignition power supply      (Spanning ontsteking)  4.8 - 8.4  Volt
 Spinner bout schroefdraad  -  mm 
 Gas/Oil mix ratio            (Brandstof verhouding)  35 : 1  gas : oil
 Engine  1280  gram
 Muffler  50  gram 
 Ignition  120  gram 
 User Manual               (Gebruikers Handleiding)

 GT35 User Manual


 Afstellen Ontsteking  Zie item: Afstellen ontsteking
 Link naar Fabrikant  NGH Engine 
 NGH GT35 Spare Parts  GT35 Spare Parts
 Comparable Brushless Engine  FC6263


Enkele detail afbeeldingen van de NGH GT35:


 Delivery contains:

  Engine dimensions:




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