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 MXS GoldWing RC.

MXS 100cc (Oracover film)
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  2690 mm   107"
 Length  2590 mm  102"
 Flying weight  11 - 13 kg             25 - 28 lbs        
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 6 - 9 servos                
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  100 - 120cc

 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  136 dm2  2102 sq.inch
 Wing loading   gr/dm2                  oz/sq.ft             
 Options  -
 Documentation  Instruction manual
 Manufacturers website  Goldwing


The model is covered with Oracover film.


Full set of Carbon Fiber accessories included:

  • Carbon fiber landing gear
  • Carbon fiber wing tube
  • Carbon fiber tail wheel



  1. Light weight construction
  2. Two pieces of removable wings
  3. Removable rudder
  4. Covered with genuine Oracover film
  5. Easy installation
  6. Rubber wheels
  7. Adjustable pushrods
  8. High performance hardware including: Heavy duty fiberglass horns; Advanced rubber wheels; C.F.Tubes; Carbon Landing gear; safe servo stapers;
  9. Carbon fiber rods to make the wings light weight and strong
  10. Pre-assembled and mounted Gas tank
  11. Anodized aluminum Long servo arms included



Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics.

Cowl with cowl ring, no exterior screws exposed;

High Pre-installation:

  • Pre installed fuel tank;
  • Pre hinged wings and stabs;
  • Pre mounted and painted Canopy;


Pictures below are from a MXS with a different color scheme. 


Goldwing R/C model airplanes not only look fabulous, they have amazing flying qualities too! Being one of the largest model airplane manufacturers in the world, Goldwing R/C is able to provide quality model aircraft with a high level of engineering and build quality at fantastic prices!

Goldwing R/C ARF model airplanes feature the latest CAD engineered and CNC laser cut airframes for superior parts fit, structural integrity, strength and low weight. A lighter airplane simply flies better due to lower wing loading. High performance aerobatic aircraft certainly benefit from improved thrust to weight ratios and IMAC pilots who want impressive vertical performance where speed can be maintained through multiple snaps and rolls demand a lighter airplane. Free Style pilots looking for an extremely responsive aircraft with a high degree of pull out authority for radical 3D maneuvers will appreciate a lightweight and rigid airframe. A well engineered, light weight airplane can do all of these things well. A Goldwing R/C model ARF can do these things extremely well!
Some unique engineering features include a multi-position firewall with an interlocking design, clean blind cowl mounting and multiple diameter canister mounting formers. The pre-hinged control surfaces, removable rudder, pre-installed rudder pull/pull cables, pre-plumbed fuel tank, integrated and installed servo wire tubes, heavy duty fiberglass double truss control horns, anodized aluminum servo arms, carbon fiber wing and stab tubes, carbon fiber landing gear on all Version 3 models, carbon fiber tail wheel unit, carbon fiber spinner, servo connector safety clips and the use of genuine Oracover covering film make the Goldwing R/C aircraft one of the finest ARF model aircraft available today!

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