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AIREN 7-Cylinder 150cc 4-stroke Radial gas engine for rc model airplanes.

 Output Power  

 14.5hp / kW


  32x10 .. 28x14


 4500g/ 5300g (excl./incl.starter)  

  Delivery includes: spark plugs and ignition

Optional: Electric Starter and Oil Pump.

Delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks after ordering.


Technical  Specification:  
 Displacement                         (Cylinder Inhoud)  150.88  ccm                   

 Output Power                                (Vermogen) 

 14.5  hp


 Static Thrust  23  kg
 Speed Range                                   (Toerental)  650 - 5700  rpm (omw/min)    
 Propeller  28x12 .. 32x10  inch 
 Ignition power supply      (Spanning ontsteking)  7.4V  Volt
 Spinner mount thread  n.a.  mm 
 Crankshaft mount thread       mm 
 Gas/Oil mix ratio            (Brandstof verhouding)  20 : 1  gas : oil
 Engine   (including mounting HW)  4500  gram
 Muffler    gram 
 Ignition    gram 
 User Manual              (Gebruikers Handleiding)  AIREN-150cc-Gas-Engines-Manual
 Approx. Fuel Flow  
 Link naar Fabrikant  
 AIREN Spare Parts


Propellors suitable are: 32x10, 30x12, 30x14,30x12, 30x10, 28x14, 28x12

The 150cc 7-Cylinder 4-stroke radial gas engine from AIREN is especially developped for scale models. 

Detailed overview of the delivery of the 150cc 7-cylinder radial gas engine from AIREN:





Dimensions of engine:




Other pictures:









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