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LADOLADO Electric retract set for models up to 10kg.  Angle is 90°.

Retract can be programmed with a delay up to 15s. This to enable better scale performance and to prevent the use of a seperate gear door sequencer.   Weight: 88g/pcs       

Delivery: sold by pair

Link to the dimensions of the RS333 retract set: RS333-Dimensions

Link to a description of a dual battery setup: Dual-Battery-setup


The digital programmable retracts from LADO e-retracts are very nice, accurate and tough retracts.

One of the best electric retracts on the market, now digital controlled, all in metal with ball bearings.

you can now program your retract such that there is a delay before the retract starts. This enables you to create a more scale look because both legs do not start at the same time. Also this prevents the use of a gear door sequencer if gear doors are available.

The retract comes complete, you simply need to plug them in your receiver like any other servo of your airplane.

Be noted that to program the delay a dedicated programmer is needed.


The legs need to be mounted by a 6mm rod.

Also take a look at our accessories and geardoor actuators for the best scale looking.



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