SU-29 Model Airplane ARF (180cm, 4kg, 30cc)


 SU-29 30cc Carbon Fiber landing gear
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  1800 mm   71"
 Length  1670 mm  66"
 Flying weight  3.6 - 4 kg                  8 - 10 lbs                   
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 5 - 6 servos                 
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  20 - 30cc

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 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  62 dm2   6.7 sq.ft
 Wing loading  65 gr/dm2                          21 oz/sq.ft                          
 Radio  4-5 channels, 6 servos (throttle, rudder, elevator, 2 aileron, choke)            
 Engine Gas         (benzine)  20 -30cc (e.g. DLE30 of RCGF32)
 Engine Glow      (gloeiplug)  -
 Engine Brushless  (elektro)  Brushless: FC6362 ~2 kW
 Options  -
 Manufacturers website  Flight Model


Carbon Fiber accessory included:

  • Carbon fiber landing gear



Strong Light Weight Construction
Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
Professionally covered in Monokote
Cowl with blind mounts and PU straps
Complete hardware included
Removable wings and hatch
Removable rudder and stabs
All control horns included
Laser cut engine mounting templates
Plastic hub tires included