Piper Cub J-3 85cc Model Airplane ARF TWM (358cm, 13kg, 85cc)


The classic yellow Piper J-3 Cub from The World Models.

 Piper Cub J-3 85cc
 Wing span   (spanwijdte)  3050 mm   141"
 Length  2300 mm  90.5"
 Flying weight  12 - 13 kg                         28 lbs                   
 Radio  4 - 5 channels, 6 servos                          
 Engine Gas       (benzine)  80cc

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 Detailed specification continued:

 Wing area  182 dm2  2821 sq.inch
 Wing loading   gr/dm2                           oz/sq.ft          
 Options  -
 Documentation  Instruction manual
 Manufacturers website  The World Models



 Zie onderstaande link voor een video film van het model.


Key Features
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     1/3 scale with astonishing scale looks

     Top quality balsa and plywood construction

     Covered with hand iron-on World Models' ToughLon coverings

     Pre-painted fiberglass cowling

     Detachable main wing using dual aileron servos

     Detachable Stabilizer

     Comes with all hardware and accessories




Some pictures of the Clipped Wing Cub version: