EME70 AS 70cc gas engine with integrated electric starter (7.1hp, 2320gr)


 Output Power  

 7.1hp/5.2kW @ 7000 omw/min


 24x10, 25x10


 2320g/2610g (excl./incl. muffler and ignition)

  Delivery includes: spark plugs, ignition and mufflers.

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 Technische Specificatie:  
 Cylinder Inhoud  70  ccm 
 Vermogen   7.1   hp
 5.2  kW 
 Trekkracht  18  kg 
 Toerental  1200 - 7500  omw/min 
 Propeller  24x10 - 25x10    inch 
 Spanning elektronische ontsteking  6 - 12  Volt
 Brandstof verhouding  30 : 1  benzine : olie
 Motor  2320 gram
 Uitlaat      80 gram 
 Ontsteking    130 gram 
 Gebruikers Handleiding  User Manual
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Flange of EME70 AS is equal to DLE30. 

The propellor holes can be drilled using a drill jig of a DLE55.


Delivery overview:

Some detailed pictures of the EME70 AS Twin: