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The 15A voltage regulator is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator. This regulator is very suitable for big fixed-wing aircrafts because it can supply a huge current and it contains dual input and output terminals for improved reliability.

Input Voltage:    upto 16V 
Output Voltage:  4.7 - appr. batt. voltage (adjustable)
Output Current:  15A continuous
Input and output connectors are of type JR.

This voltage regulator is suitable for large fixed wing models.

In contains 2 input terminals (JR) to connect 2 batteries and it has 2 output terminals (JR) which need to be connected with the receiver.


The module contains 3 input wires and 2 output wires.

All 3 input wires are the same and can be interchanged freely. The 2 outputs are also the same and must be connected to the receiver.


See the manual of the Miracle Switch for more information: MiracleSwitch-Manual