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Hydraulic retract set from Morpower. 

This hydraulic landing gear is designed to support large and heavy models (> 10kg).

The motion speed is controlled using a dedicated servo. This means a very realistic look and feel of the release and retraction movement.

Delivery includes: 2 retracts, pump, 3-way joint, valve with servo, tube, oil and controller.


After extended research, Morpower has designed a brand new hydraulic powered retracts system for the landing gear.  The Hydraulic power can provide large force in a continuous output to support a larger size landing gear, and the action is very smooth during landing gear release and retraction, unlike the pneumatic air retracts, which tend to give airplane a big impact during it's movement.  On each hydraulic connector, we have designed a screw cap to lock the oil tube in place to avoid leakage.  During our new product launch period, we are selling it at an low introductory period.  The price is subject to go up after this period.


Each set of hydraulic powered landing gear system consists of below items:
 1.  Hydraulic pump with carbon brush motor reducer
 2.  Hydraulic pump timer controller
 3.  Hydraulic valves with servo
 4.  two hydraulic retracts
 5.  3-way hydraulic joint
 6.  3m of PE hydraulic tube 
 7.  oil


Video of the retract and release:


 Dimensions of the retract mechanism:


 The mounting diameter for the struts is 13mm.


Picture of a 3-leg setup:


Installation description:

First, assemble the fluid pipe route according to the picture diagram. Ensure to match fluid intake valve on the pump to the fluid outlet valve on the servo and the fluid outlet valve on the pump to the fluid intake valve on the servo.

If other pipes are exchange installed, it will only affect the retract leg action. It can be adjusted easily by adjusting the servo direction.

Secondly, open the fluid reservoir valve screw, and inject the hydraulic fluid into the reservoir valve. Do not install the fluid intake valve first, as the hydraulic fluid will leak out from the fluid intake valve when full in pump. When the hydraulic fluid is full, please stop filling the fluid and put back the reservoir valve screw.

Thirdly, connect a 9.6V~12V battery, 11.1V Lithium battery (that should connect 7.2~7.4V Lithium battery, when you use High Power Hydraulic Pressure Pump) will be the best choice, to the pump timing controller. Then, plug both the plugs from servo and timer to receiver and set it up to any 2 channel of receiver. Or use Y servo extension to make these 2 connectors into one connector and plug in the receiver.

Use remote controller to activate the retract action, then the pump will begin to inject the hydraulic fluid into the actuating cylinder. Then repeating retract and release action around 10 times to let the hydraulic fluid filling up the whole fluid route. Then the pump will need to be re-filled with hydraulic fluid to continue the retract system action. You don’t have to refill the hydraulic fluid since the pump and whole system is filled.

There is a VR on the pump timing controller to adjust the pump activation time. If longer time is required for the landing gear retraction, one can adjust the time a little longer.

Picture of the pump:

Description of the pump:

The size of the pump is slightly longer than the RC landing gear.

The specifications are listed below:

Voltage:  7.2V-7.4V
Current:  9A
Pressure:  21kg/cm2 or 20.6Bar
Length:  140mm  Width:  40mm  Height: 45mm  Weight: 324g
Suitable for 2.5mmx4mm PE or Nylon hydraulic pipe