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LADOLADO Electric Geardoor, Airbreak or Canopy actuator.

To open and close your gear door, airbrakes, canopy...etc.

The e-door has a programmable delay.

Stroke is 30mm

The e-door has a programmable delay. To be programmed using the programming card. 






The Lado electric Geardoor are the first gear door design for rc models in the world.
they are able to open gear door and airbrakes on your models

they're so simple to use, you mount them in your airplane and that's all, no end point to set up as soon as the gear door was open or close they'll stop themselves. if something comes to lock the m during travel, they'll stop too without destroy anythings.
the best solution for your scale models.

what you could do with:

- open and close as your retract
- open and close just after your retract was down( to have the door close in flight)
- delay open/delay close setable up to 15s each

no more open door with depression of air in flight
no sequencer , all delay setable inside( retracts and Geardoor)
all in one receiver channel